Our Team

We are the team of 30+ in-house developers specializing in mobile development (iOS / Android), backend development, web-development, design (UI/UX) and machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI/ML).

  • Maxim Kaplevich

    Founder and CEO

  • Anton Pavlutsky

    Founder and CTO

  • Dan Shevluk

    Head of Mobile development

  • Ilya Lapan

    Head of AI/ML

  • Ion Shilov

    Head of Design

  • Konstantin Manaenkov

    Head of Web development

  • Alexey Uspensky

    Head of Backend development

  • Allan Kronfeld

    Head of Miami office

  • Alexey Nesterov

    Head of R&D

  • Aydar Galimov

    Project Manager