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I have an idea and I want to start developing it from scratch. What do I need to do?

It is important to get a proper understanding of how you project is actually going to work and to write down a description of the project in a convenient format. Analysis of similar projects might be helpful at this stage. Besides a list of features and requirements one should also consider design of the app. We will be glad, if you provide us with examples of app designs you like. For business oriented solutions, one should consider making a description of business processes that are going to be created or affected after the solution is integrated.

Are you going to copy my idea for an app or a service, after I tell you about it?

Of course, and then we will take all the credit for it and keep all the money But, in all seriousness, if in your case there is actually a need to sign an NDA agreement we will be happy to do it.

I heard that support and maintenance of an app are very expensive. Is that true?

For small apps, that do not use many external services, maintenance cost will be no more that a few thousand roubles a month. In case of a service with a great number of users and high stress levels, the costs are going to be higher and we would need to perform a more detailed analysis to provide an estimate.

Why shouldn’t I make my own team?

You may try to, but you would have to develop the team workflow from scratch and would have to make sure efficient interaction between all of the side involved with the project. Furthermore, you would have to find professional developers who have the appropriate level of confidence.

The app has been made, but how do I make it available to the users?

You should make your app available in the app stores – Apple App Store for iOS platform and Google Play Store for Android. If our client wants to use his own account to publish an app then we can help them with the process.

I already have project but I am not satisfied with the team working on it. Can you help?

Yes, we have experience with all of the stages of development process and also experience of improving and polishing existing projects. There are some technical subtleties when taking over the back-end side of the project, but nothing is impossible!

I still have more questions. How do I get in touch?

Complete information is provided in the Contact Us section.